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Head on back to Hope Ranch!

Skye Hewitt isn’t sure where else to go — so she heads to her grandparents’ ranch in the mountains of Northern New Mexico.

She’s never met them, but based on the experiences of two of her siblings, she’s hoping for a warm reception.

Morgan Young takes care of the stables at Hope Ranch. He’s not sure about the influx of grandchildren, but they mostly stay out of his way.

Until Skye.

A Heart Reconsidered

The final Peacock Hill Romance

Claire and Danny at last!

Or at least, we hope so. There’s the little matter of someone else creeping onto the scene. And really, how long is Claire supposed to wait for Danny to notice her?

The much anticipated conclusion to the Peacock Hill series is here! Join the gang one final time and see if the time has finally come for Claire and Danny to find love, or if he’s waited too long to reconsider.

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