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Coming January 17th!

Turns out, my sister was serious about everything she said in that phone call.

The cancer.
The leaving.
The postcards.

So I was already struggling to figure out just what God thought He was doing. And then my boss introduced me to the guy who would be taking over the new project.

My project.

Sure, Owen’s hot. And so what if he has the world’s most impressive resume? He’s not getting my job without a fight.
And my job isn’t the only thing I’m not going to surrender.

I’m also not going to let Owen take over my heart.

So You Want to be a Billionaire

It’s time to meet my billionaires!

Or at least, the five couples who’d like to become billionaires.

Joe Robinson is ready to step back from running every step of his tech conglomerate. But to do that, he needs to find the right people to fill his shoes.

And he doesn’t want them to make the same mistake he did and end up amassing a fortune but missing out on love.

Meet a new couple every month – now through November! Start with book one (released in May), So You Want a Second Chance.

Click each book cover for more information on the series.

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