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A Heart Reconsidered
eBook: $3.99
Series: Peacock Hill Romance, Book 6
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: JoNaTiMa Books

She’s half in love. He’s never noticed.

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About the Book

Having spent her entire adult life working for her sister, Claire McIntyre is ready to leave Peacock Hill and stand on her own two feet. Especially since she’s sick of having Danny’s date-of-the-week thrown in her face. Why hasn’t he ever noticed her when she’s right in front of him? The potential of a job offer—and more?—from Jamie Fischer is the perfect opportunity to start over.

Danny Kent has always considered Claire one of the guys, so the flash of jealousy when he sees her dancing with someone else is unexpected. What does that guy have that Danny doesn’t? With Claire already making plans to move away, how can Danny convince her to reconsider and give them both a chance at love?

Return to Peacock Hill for the final installment of this faith-filled contemporary Christian romance series full of realistic problems and a journey to lasting love.

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