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Billionaire Next Door

Six friends get together to play the stock market and end up making it big. Being billionaires brings some changes, but they’re determined to keep living their lives for Jesus, despite the money. The only thing they’re missing now? Love.

Make a date with the Billionaire Next Door.

So You Want to be a Billionaire

Determined to pass his companies to people who won’t make the same mistakes he did, Joe Robinson undertakes some matchmaking cloaked as a competition. They think they’re vying for a top corporate spot and a chance to be a billionaire, but what they really need to find is love. Join the competition today!

Hope Ranch

In the mountains of northern New Mexico, near Taos, is Hope Ranch. A place where second-chances and God’s grace are waiting for everyone. Come on over for a visit and stay a while.

Peacock Hill Romance

Visit the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in southwestern Virginia where Deidre McIntyre and her friends are restoring a Gilded Age mansion and turning it into a resort and wedding venue. Book your stay at Peacock Hill!

Baxter Family Bakery (part of the Arcadia Valley Romance Multi-Author Series)

Set in the fictional town of Arcadia Valley, Idaho, the Baxter Family Bakery series is a subset of the multi-author Arcadia Valley Romance series. Join the Baxter siblings as they relocate to Arcadia Valley, start a Community Supported Bakery, and fall in love. Find out more!

Taste of Romance

The Taste of Romance series is a set of Christian Contemporary Romances set in the Washington D.C. area. The books weave together heartwarming romance, the challenges of Christian living in today’s world, and a set of friends who will capture your heart. They’re available as ebooks and in print. Ready for a taste?

Operation Romance

Join the gang at Intelligence Associates, Inc. in this series of Contemporary Christian romance novellas set in the Washington D.C. area. (Note: Postcards is a related, full-length novel with cameos of the Operation gang, but not technically part of the series.) Join the Operation!


In this Christian Women’s Fiction series, get to know twin sisters June and July (pronounced Julie) as they experience the heartaches and joys of trying to start a family. The Remnants series is a tender, yet realistic, look at what it means to suffer from infertility. Ready to learn more?

Grant Us Grace

The Grant Us Grace series is Christian Contemporary Romance set in the Washington D.C. area and made up of three full length novels, Wisdom to Know, Courage to Change, and Serenity to Accept, plus a prequel novella, Joint Venture. Get to know strong women and men the who love them while watching them navigate their way through some of the difficult issues facing Christians today. Find out more.


Kinsale Kisses A Contemporary Christian Romance Novella set in Ireland
Travel to Ireland and fall in love in this heartwarming Christian Contemporary Romance. Pack your bags and let’s go!

Head to Italy with a group of cousins who find love while uncovering a family mystery. Let’s go!


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