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And Suddenly I’m a Soccer Mom

When my eldest was three (maybe three and a half), we signed him up for soccer. You know the sort where it’s basically just try to get them to run in the right direction and not pick up the ball. We were hoping to introduce him to the sport and see if he liked it.

He didn’t.

So no biggie. The next year (at four and a half) he did t-ball. He liked it well enough to play a second season but then was kind of ambivalent about the whole thing, so we let it drop.

With the youngest, we did none of those things. And now that he’s five, hubby was like, “You know, maybe we ought to give him a chance to try these things too.” He does love to run around kicking the soccer ball in the back yard so…fine. It probably is worth a shot. Except that then the eldest says, “I might like to try it again.”

But you know what? Soccer for nine-year-olds is the real thing. Practices twice a week kind of thing. (And it’s good – I get that. He’ll probably actually learn some skills and maybe do well enough to enjoy it and want to do it again.) And I haven’t heard from the youngest’s coach yet, but I’m guessing those practices will be on completely different night(s?) from the eldest. (I’m on the fence about which would be easier. Frankly, they both sound like I’m going to be running hither, thither, and yon quite a lot coming up.)

So. Soccer, here we come. Anyone else getting ready to ride this train?

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  1. We did the soccer thing with our oldest. He loved it! It gave him an outlet for all of his crazy energy, with all of the running he did during practices and games. We sat and watched games from the heat of summer through the cold of November. Our son played soccer for ten years, and he would have played longer if the program allowed.
    We tried the soccer thing with our youngest. Sat through the practices and games of a different age group. But our youngest never got into the whole thing like the oldest. She had the same energy problem of her brother, so running helped. But her focus was not on the game. She had just as much fun drawing in the dirt, as running down the field. She played two seasons, but then she was done.

  2. As a grandparent we must attend our grandkids games. Grandson 41/2 has just started T ball, and it’s hilarious! Granddaughter started softball. She’s 6. So we’ll be quite busy being loyal supporters.

    1. I love this! And it’s a good reminder that I should make sure both sets of grandparents know they’re welcome to come to the games — I sometimes forget those little details.

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