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Can you believe it’s July?

We’re a week into July and…I’m starting to get that “where did my year go” feeling that comes when we hit the half-way point. Are you?

We had a lovely 4th of July celebration on Monday. Lunch with the boys at my parents’ house (dad grills mean ribs, yum.) And then a lazy afternoon, our own little cookout, and a fantastic fireworks show in the cul-de-sac, courtesy of my hubby. Did you have a good 4th?

Now that we’re fully into July, I’ve started looking at my writing calendar for the rest of the year and doing the math. I’ve got…quite a list to get to. I’m a little more than half-way through Operation Back-to-School. It’s going to be part of a box set in mid-September and then released on its own in November. After that, I have another novella and a full-length novel that are part of a new planned series (they’ll release in January and…March I think. I’ll have more details about this soon, but it’s something I’m super excited about. I can’t wait to share the deets!) that I need to get written. And then I have another novella for a spring boxed set as well as Sara’s story to finish out the Taste of Romance series.


Beyond that, eldest boy has asked if we could start back up with school. And I’m never going to say no to that! So we’ll be easing back into school, and I’m starting up more “official” pre-school with the youngest as well, so school time should be…interesting. I’m hoping we hit our stride quickly.

And, as you might have noticed, I think I’m easing into Tuesday/Thursday for blogging here. I’ll still be posting regularly on my Facebook page (so I’d love for you to hang out with me there!) and so forth as well.

Any great July plans?

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