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When life doesn’t go as planned

On Friday, I had a cover reveal for the new cover for A Heart Restored all set up. I worked with Singing Librarian Books (who was amazing to work with, by the way) and she had several bloggers lined up to also share about the story and cover. I was stoked.

On Tuesday, I hopped on over to Amazon to upload everything and get it set for pre-order so that it’d be good to go on Friday. I expected to hear from Amazon, because the novella was, originally, in the Love at First Laugh box set.

Sure enough, on Wednesday, I had an email verifying the fact that I had the rights for the book. I don’t mind that Amazon does this (in fact, it makes me a little happy, because really, no one wants piracy to be a legitimate thing. No one.) So I sent a quick reply with the documentation they needed and figured it’d be good to go by the end of the day on Wednesday, since that’s their usual speed.

Well, Wednesday passed. And then Thursday. By Thursday evening, I’ll admit I was freaking out just a little bit. I shot off a quick email asking if there was anything else they needed. No response. On Friday morning, when all the cover reveal posts were live without a pre-order link (sob!), I sent the documentation they needed again, in a different form and prayed.

Finally got my pre-order link Friday evening.

Big, huge, unhappy sigh.

But hey, I have links now, and the book is available for pre-order, and the new cover? Still gorgeous — see?

If you’re not a box set reader, or if you’re not on Kindle, here’s a little bit about A Heart Restored:

She renovates old houses. Can he restore her heart?

Deidre McIntyre didn’t exactly purchase the gorgeous old home in the Shenandoah Mountains on a whim. The building had seen better days, but she had the skills—and the time—to fix it up. And maybe it would provide the fresh start she was looking for.

Local handyman Jeremiah Crawford has a soft spot for Peacock Hill. When someone from out of town purchases it, he swings by to offer to help fix it up…and investigate the new owner’s plans for the property. The pixie-like Deidre isn’t at all what he expects, but he’s happy to hang around and enjoy the view.

When Deidre’s ex-boyfriend, a popular TV house flipper, shows up demanding a piece of the action, Jeremiah must decide if Deidre—and Peacock Hill—are worth fighting for. Falling in love wasn’t on the blueprints, but it might just be worth the change in plans.

The pre-order is just 99 cents through mid-December. You can find all the retailer links to grab that deal on the book page for A Heart Restored.

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  1. I sympathize, Beth. But the cover IS beautiful and the blurb very intriguing. This book is going to fly off the shelves!

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