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I’m over on The Glorious Table today

And I’m talking about being hurt by the church.

Eighteen months ago, my husband and I were co-teachers of an adult Sunday school class that was full of people we considered friends. The eight couples who regularly attended were people who we shared our lives with—the good and the bad—and they did the same. We studied God’s word together, we prayed for one another, and we spent time outside of church just hanging out. Those couples were the next closest thing to family to us. Eighteen months ago, I could never have written this post.

Want to read the whole thing? Come on by The Glorious Table.

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  1. Thank you for shining the light on this common issue in many of our churches. It makes me very sad. Many of us need a better grasp of forgiveness. Fortunately my pastor teaches on this topic periodically, a good and necessary reminder that we are forgiven people and are blessed to extend God’s forgiveness to others. Forgiveness is not easy or cheap, but so foundational. I would like to share a link to another relayed article I just read:

  2. This is so poignant. And it made me sad because I remember such sad, painful feelings. Wondering what I did wrong and how it could all fall apart, when I had seen it coming and tried desperately to head it off. Now over a year later I am feeling more at peace yet careful and protective and on guard. I have tentatively reached out to those involved. Ultimately I feel Satan’s interference in this–I was attacked in my safe place. But I am stronger and I am His.

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