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Now Available for Pre-Order: A Tidbit of Trust (Taste of Romance Book 5)

It’s finally here!

A Tidbit of Trust, the fifth and final book in the Taste of Romance series, is finally available for pre-order. If you get my newsletter, you’re probably tired of seeing little updates on when this book will finally be released. I really, really, wanted it to be out in the spring/summer timeline. But man, I struggled with this story.

Thankfully, at the end of the day, I’m SO pleased with how everything turned out. It was worth all the blood, sweat, and tears. (There wasn’t blood. But the sweat and tears? Yeah, there was a lot of those two things.)

Now, I can’t wait for it to make its way into your hands. I hope you’ll all love this last story as much as I do. There are little cameos from just about everyone in the Taste of Romance world, so you get one more chance to see the gang and know they’re doing well.

Here’s the back cover:

He doesn’t trust her. She doesn’t trust herself. They both need to trust God.


Sara Reynolds has finally gotten her life back on track with God. Even though she turned her back on her serial dating past, she’s still working on being single and content. So, it’s a good thing Adam is obnoxious, even if he is the first guy to catch her eye in about a year.


Adam Lassiter knows all about Sara’s sordid history with men. That alone ought to eliminate her as someone he’d consider dating. After all, he’s made the effort to lead a life that honors God—even when it’s hard. But after a chance encounter in Jamaica, Adam has a hard time getting Sara out of his mind.


After Adam apologizes for how he treated her in Jamaica, Sara must adjust her first impression. When he continues to pursue a friendship—and more?–she has to decide if she can trust herself enough to respond. But even if she does, how can Adam trust that the changes Sara has made in her life are real?

Right now, A Tidbit of Trust is available for pre-order at $0.99. I’m not going to keep it at that price for the whole pre-order period though, so if you like a deal, you’ll want to jump on it now.

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Beyond that, yes, the blog is back! I’m going to try to get back on a weekly or every-other-weekly schedule for this. I miss blathering at y’all.

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