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Papal Visits Make Great Vacations

Since the Pope came to D.C. this week, my husband wasn’t in a rush to sit in the worse-than-usual traffic as people headed downtown to see him. So he planned to take a couple of days off and avoid the madness. It intersected nicely with homeschool days at Monticello in Charlottesville, so the four of us packed up and headed down. The weather was gorgeous and it was a delight to see the costumed interpreters talking about the garden, cooking the types of dishes that they would’ve eaten, making baskets, showing the kids how to use a quill to write, and so forth. The boys seemed to have a fun time and, I hope, learned something.

Then, since it was going to be two days of Papal traffic, we decided to take another day, stay the night in Charlottesville, and then head over to the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia. What a neat place. It has typical homesteads of the major immigrants to the Virginia colony in their native countries (Nigeria, Ireland, England, and Germany), then a Native American village, an early settler cottage, an 1820 and 1850 settlement. More costumed interpreters, several hands on activities for the kids (they got to take the outside shell off flax and see the rest of the process of turning flax into linen — super cool.)

We had a lot of fun, but gosh it’s good to be home. Even if hubby has to go back to work tomorrow for one day (his minions missed him, lots of emails and requests for help).

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