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The Geometry Of Love

The Geometry of Love

I’ve been noticing a trend lately, and it’s one that has me by turns mystified and annoyed: the love triangle. For me, personally, love should never be a polygon of any sort. Love is a line connecting two points, er, people. Throwing a third (or fourth or fifth or infinitith) option is just not something I understand.

Well, I say I don’t understand it. But actually, after really thinking through the whole protagonist/antagonist thing, I do see the appeal. After all, the love triangle makes it pretty easy. A loves B. B loves C. C loves A. At least in the traditional love triangle that’s how it worked. Now though we have A loving B and B loving A with C loving B and B being on the fence about loving C and maybe loving C, but more like a brother and oh! the angst! Throw in there the idea that A really actually loves B but C more covets B than loves her and you have even more drama and angst…and maybe that’s what people are looking for.

But for me? I like a love story where you know, right off the bat, that (hopefully) at the end of the story A and B are going to live happily ever after. Or at least they’re going to be positioned for happily ever after (you don’t have to ride off into the sunset, but it should at least be approaching evening and there should be a horse near by.) If there’s a C in there at all, I want him to be so clearly wrong for B that, while he may try and break up A and B, there’s no confusion about his role in the whole shooting match.

So I guess the question here is: am I completely off base or is there still room out there for stories where boy and girl meet, fall in love, overcome issues, and live happily ever after without any interference from a distracting third party?

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