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What’s On Your Easter Menu?

As with most holidays, my family will gather with my parents, my sister and her husband, and my in-laws to have a meal together and celebrate Christ’s resurrection on Sunday after church.

I enjoy the chance to experiment with new recipes for a larger audience, though they’re not always received with enthusiasm. So the past several holidays, I’ve taken the easy route and gone with tried and true old favorites. But I’m feeling inspired this year, so, like it or not, I’ll be going a little fancier.

The plan is to take a page from a Russian Orthodox menu I found online and make:

  • pierogies
  • Russian Easter bread
  • paskha cheese
  • stuffed leg of lamb
  • kielbasa (for the non-lamb eaters among us)
  • asparagus

Hopefully it’ll be not only delicious, but it’ll go over well with everyone else. What will you have?

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