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A Busy Time of Year

This week has been especially busy for me. See, Sunday was our last regular club meeting for Awana and this weekend is our award ceremony…and that makes this past week pretty much the busiest week of Awana for me all year. Between making sure I got all the awards ordered (please let me not have forgotten anyone!), getting the program put together, and filling out a participation certificate for everyone, on top of all the usual household tasks and I’m beat. But I think I have it all together now. I guess we’ll see!

We also finished up all our “official” curriculum for 2nd grade. So I’ve declared school “over” for a few weeks before we start easing into 3rd. It’s good to get a break. I think we’re all ready for that. Though I am starting up a little more effort on “preschool” for the youngest. But that’s mostly because he enjoys it.

And part of my mind is casting about for some sort of mini summer vacation for us to take. But I keep coming up empty. (It needs to be small because hubby burned a lot of his days on our Disney trip in February.) I might see about dragging everyone up to Niagara Falls. It’s only about 10 hours, if I read the map right, and I’ve never been, myself. (Though I’m told the Canadian side is even nicer, and the boys don’t have passports, so if I’m serious about that, I really need to get on that last piece.)

Are you feeling the busy-ness, or are things starting to slow down?

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  1. It should be slowing down, ha! We keep our grandson during the school year and we are free for the summer. But we just made a 900 mile trip to Key West in our RV and have been on the road a lot. Throw in two other couples and their RVs and you really have a mess. But a fun mess!

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