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A Little Netflix Watching

We don’t tend to watch a ton of TV these days. We got rid of our dish going on…gosh three years now? And where I thought I would miss it, I really don’t. When we do want to watch something, we can inevitably find something that fits the bill. But since it’s all there, ready to be watched when we want, I think we actually watch a lot less.

Anyway, what we have been watching are the DC Comic based shows. Particularly Arrow and The Flash. They are, by and large, safe for the kids (Arrow skirts the line sometimes, so we’ll often pause that one and finish it after the kids are in bed) and the episodes are self contained enough that if months go by before you watch another, it’s not that big a deal.

This past weekend, we finally finished season 1 of both shows. I think we’d been working our way through them for over a year. But still. We enjoyed them quite a bit.

Have you been watching anything fun and relatively family friendly that you’d recommend?

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  1. We’ve been watching Numb3rs (My kids are 13 and 10.) and working our way through all the old Star Trek movies, both on Amazon Prime. Isn’t it great when your children get old enough to watch something that you actually find interesting? Although I kinda miss Backyardigans…

    1. It really is nice that we can all watch and enjoy something! I think mine are probably a little young for Numb3rs yet, though I enjoyed that when it was on (and back when we had real TV). I might rewatch it myself. Star Trek is always a good idea though. 🙂

      And we still get Backyardigans, though my eldest insists he’s too old…he’s still sitting there singing along.

  2. I’ve never used Netflix but, have started watching shows on Amazon Prime. I love it! I’m not much of a TV watcher. However, last Christmas, I got a new TV and a DVD player for my bedroom – this was a huge deal since I was using a TV that was over 25 years old! I now watch all kinds of stuff on AP. I watched Downton Abbey (not kid friendly), but, still intriguing. I also watched a series called Mad Dogs (not kid friendly at all but a great series)!

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