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headphonesAre you an audiobook person?

It seems to me that people either are or aren’t into audiobooks. I’ve never met someone who is on the fence about them at least. (But they probably exist – maybe just in smaller numbers?) Around here, audiobooks seem to be a big deal. I guess I get it – when you’re commuting an hour on a good day an audiobook is a better prospect than hours and hours of radio time. But even when I was commuting I could never get into the audiobook thing. I tried it. Oh how I tried. When you love to read as much as I do, it’s painful to be in traffic and not reading. Yet for me…an audiobook just wasn’t the same.

My friend would say it’s likely I just had books with bad narration. And I can see that – a good narrator can make or break an audiobook. But I don’t think that’s entirely the reason. Audiobooks seem to fall into two categories (in my limited experience): narrators who just read and narrators who try to act out the various voices. I suspect you get camps of people who enjoy one over the other when you break it out that way. I fall firmly into the “just read me the book and let me imagine what they sound like” camp. The same friend (who’s the only one I know who really chews through audiobooks – but she has a 90 minute commute each way, so it makes sense) is definitely in the “do good voices” camp.

So where do you fall? Audiobooks – yea or nay? Narration or characterization? And if you audiobook, is it only when you’re commuting or are there other times you listen?

(And also, if you’re into audiobooks – you can get Wisdom to Know and Serenity to Accept as an audiobook through Audible and on Amazon and iTunes. Courage to Change should be available soon.)

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