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Happy birthday to my Mom!

Today is my Mom’s birthday and I thought I’d take a few minutes to wish her the happiest of birthdays publicly.

My mom is an amazing woman. If you read book dedications, you may have noticed that the dedication of my first book, Wisdom to Know, is to my mom. She is absolutely an inspiration. She spent a large part of her life actively in the pro-life trenches, first as a state president of Right to Life and then as a Crisis Pregnancy Center director. And even though she’s now retired, she continues to be a truth speaker.

She and my dad raised my sister and me to also be truth speakers, even when it’s hard or unpopular. And while that isn’t always easy, it’s always right.

Today, despite it being her birthday, mom’ll be spending a lot of her day having chemo. So if you think of her, I know she’d appreciate prayer.

Love you, mama. Happy birthday.

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