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How Is Your New Year Shaping Up?

calendarSo, January is nearly over (I know, right?) — how is your New Year shaping up? If you made resolutions or set goals, are you making headway toward them?

I’ve finished A Splash of Substance and am waiting on the last bit of editing on it. I’m very pleased with how it came together and am excited to have it release in March. I hope you all enjoy reading about Jackson and Paige as much as I enjoyed writing about them. I’ve made a good start on book two, A Pinch of Promise, which will release in June. I’m still feeling my way on that story, but the ideas are coming and so far, it’s got, well, promise!

I’ve also read some fun books so far this year as well – if you’ve not read The Wedding List or Believe in Me by Autumn MacArthur, you’re missing out. These are lovely Christian romances set in London and just a delight. I haven’t snapped up book 3 yet, but I will before too long.

What about you?

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