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Operation Back-to-School is Now Available!

opbtsfrontI’m super excited to announce that Operation Back-to-School, the fourth and final novella in the Operation Romance series, is now available as a stand-alone. (You can also still get it, and five other fabulous novellas, as part of the Falling for You boxed set. And really, that’s the better deal. But if you just can’t abide box sets and you’ve been waiting for this one, now’s your chance.)

It’s also available in paperback if that’s the format you prefer.

Because it’s part of the Falling for You box, which is in Kindle Unlimited, it is only available on Amazon. I suspect at some point in the future I’ll move the whole Operation Romance series to all platforms, but for now, they remain exclusive to Amazon.

If you read Operation Back-to-School as part of the Falling for You box, I’d really appreciate it if you’d take the time to leave a review on the novella’s individual page on Amazon as well. Reviews help other people find books, and I’d love for Fraiser and Shannon to get to meet as many readers as they can.

Get your copy of Operation Back-to-School (or use that link to leave your review, either way.)

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