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Rounding the Bend of the School Year

I know I’ve mentioned that we homeschool. One of the things I love about homeschooling is that we can ebb and flow with the seasons. And now that it’s spring, the desire to spend lots of time outside is superseding some of the need to spend a ton of time on school. Couple that with the fact that we’re nearly through what I planned for our curriculum for the year, and it’s been lovely to spend these warm days outside.

We do school year round, so it isn’t as if we’ll stop and take the whole summer off. But we slow down some and embrace the beauty when we can.

And I’m also looking forward to next year. The catalogs I typically order from have arrived, and I’ve spent time pouring over them. This year, it’s been fun to have my eldest sit with me and discuss the pros and cons of various options–what he thinks he might enjoy a little better than something else. (Not that he gets out of anything completely, but if, for example, he’d rather study ocean creatures this year instead of birds, I’m good with that.)

But for now, the slower pace and less pressure in the classroom is a beautiful thing.

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