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On Deadlines

So here’s a fascinating little tidbit about me that I’m discovering. (Okay, I think it’s fascinating. You may not. That’s okay.)

When I was writing for a small press, I had deadlines for my books. And they were hard and fast and I never missed one. In some ways they were motivating to make sure I was doing the work every day.

Now that I’m indie, I set deadlines. And then I promptly ignore them. Apparently the fact that there’s no one else behind the deadline keeps me from being able to trick myself into the pressure to get it done.

So far, I haven’t gotten too far behind where I want to be, though I had hoped to have Handful of Hope done in April rather than May (some of that is because my editor is slammed right now though.) But all things considered, it’s not too far off.

Anyway. I found that intriguing. I’ll need to see if there’s a way to have self-imposed deadlines that mean something to me.

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  1. I am bad with self imposed deadlines. I need an unwelcome consequence hanging over my head or I can’t produce. I thrive under (reasonable) pressure.

    1. It’s the “reasonable” part that I really have to balance. Too little and it’s not enough. Too much and I shut down.

  2. of all the factors in this business, deadlines are what terrify me the most! self imposed basically gets ignored, and to have that coveted contract gives me palpitations that i’d miss a deadline!

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