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A Fun Family Day

I’ll admit, I had hoped to do another installment of what readers should know about the book industry for today’s post, but my husband took yesterday (and today) off and we hopped in the car and drove three hours to an amusement park that caters to the smaller set. Since we’re hitting Disney later this year, we thought it’d be good to see how the littlest does with rides (he adores them – the more spinning or up and downing, the better!) Plus, it’s just a fun thing to do now and again.

We had a grand time – by far the spinning turtles (kind of a tilt-a-whirl ride) was the favorite. We could all 4 share a turtle and the boys loved being squished between mom and dad. We rode that four times. The kiddie coaster was probably next in line, and then the log flume. The only ride we didn’t go on was the slightly bigger coaster (still not a mega coaster like you get at a regular amusement park). The elder boy had been on it last time we went to this park (maybe 2 years ago) and loved it, but decided he was scared. Littlest is too little for it. I thought it was neat seeing the various groups of people who came to the park for the day. There were the typical families and day camps you’d expect, but we also saw two Amish families, several Mennonite families, and probably fifteen families of Orthodox Jews. In the area near our house, we don’t run into any of those groups with any regularity (we see lots of Indian families with the women in their lovely long tunics with pants – not sure what that’s called, but they’re always so pretty, and Muslim families with the jarring juxtaposition of men in Western dress and women in traditional garb.)

But…three hours up and three hours back makes for a long day. We got home around 10:30pm, carried the sleeping boys in from the car and put them to bed and I hustled to do a little email and get something written for the blog. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend – and remember, if you’re in the metro DC area, I’ll be at DC Fest on Saturday signing books and I’d love for you to say hi!

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